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Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy Private Limited (ICP) was established on 15th April 2015. ICP is a subsidiary of SIMDI Group and is among the first private mental health care practices to be registered in the Maldives.


ICP’s main services include psychological services such as psychological assessments, different forms of therapies as well as training and awareness programs related to psychology and mental health.



“Our vision is to become a center of excellence and the leading national provider of a comprehensive continuum of quality psychological services, education, and Research”


“To uphold personalized service that is cohesive, comprehensive, accessible and cost-effective to individuals and establishments”


About Us
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Psychological Profiling

Assessment of the behavioral, mental, and emotional areas of individuals using standardized psychological tests to arrive at a diagnosis and guide in the treatment process.

Remedial Training

Skill training for children with learning difficulties to improve their functional academics.

Behavior Therapy

Therapy provided to address behavior problems primarily for children and adolescents and teach them positive adaptive behavior through various psychological approaches.


Therapy provided to manage specific symptoms and challenges in a variety of clinically significant mental illness & emotional problems and help them cope up with the challenges of daily life.


The process of helping the clients to resolve personal, psychological and emotional problems by a trained professional.

Speech Assessment

Evaluation, description and measurement of various characteristics of speech and language skills including an interview, direct formal testing and interpretation of the test results to determine a diagnosis

Speech Therapy

Intervention and management of speech and language difficulties, including direct intervention and parent/caregiver training

Home visits

Providing psychological services to those who are unable to come in person and take services online as well.

Online / TeleServices

Providing psychological services like consultation, counselling and psychotherapy online for individuals who are unable to come in person.

Training Programs

ICP provides workshops and trainings on a broad range of subjects related to psychology and personal development.

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Our Therapists


Muhammad Bilal Javaid
Licensed P
Afaa Mohamed

Licensed Counsellor

Noor Ijaz.jpg
Noor Ijaz

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Mariyam Hamsa Wajeeh

Speech and Language Pathologist/Audiologist

Bushra Qurban

Licensed Psychologist

Thahyiba Ibrahim.jpg
Thahyiba Ibrahim
Licensed Provisional Psychologist
Rishfa Photo_edited.jpg
Mariyam Suha

Licensed Psychologist

Rishfa Abdul Sattar
Licensed Provisional Psychologist
Aminath Zooshan
Licensed P
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When my son reached his teens I started noticing anxiety issues, which made me take him to ICP, where the psychologist very kindly started counseling sessions for him. These sessions have helped him a great deal. With everyone's help and me, never giving up on my loving son, now 17, has now turned out into a very responsible and a caring young man.

A Happy Client

Like any other human being, I too still face adversities and even instances where I feel that I might fall back into depression. But I know now that if I keep practicing what I learnt at ICP, I will be fine. And I can honestly say today that I am a happy person.

Seeking help for specifically mental health concerns is still very much a taboo in our country and I must admit it was difficult for me to come to terms with seeking help myself but I realize now this is something everyone must seek from time to time. Not just people with mental health issues but anyone needing a new perspective on things.

A Happy Client

A Happy Client

Happy Clients
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